TR: I thought there was something wrong with me when my wife left me and I tried to cry and I couldn't. So I went to my doctor and he told me it was a very simple emotional dysfunction common in men my age and that's when I started taking Niagara. One tablet one hour before you face an emotional situation and you're full of grief like never before.

FN (SOBBING): I can cry. I didn't think I could. And now I can.

TR: Why are you crying?

FN (SOBBING): Because she said she's coming back.

TR: If you can't cry the way you used to, ask your doctor about Niagara. (FAST) By prescription only. Not for persons under 16 or persons with mental health issues. Side effects may include colds, cold sores, psoriasis, psychotic reactions, shin splints, split ends, endocrine deficiency, fissures, fistulas, phlebitis, libido reduction, duct infections, and drug dependency.