GK: Our musical director Richard Dworsky suffered a fall a couple weeks ago and injured his shoulder which is why you've been hearing rumors that he's about to retire. He was in Los Angeles, crossing a street with his sister and her two children (GIRL, BOY) and he ran after a soccer ball (FOOTSTEPS) and he caught his foot on a crack in the pavement and (RD CRY OF FALL, THUMP, CRUNCH) he landed on his shoulder and he could feel that right hibiscus in the arpeggiator stretch (STRAIN) ----- it was a hibiscus injury that ended the career of Yankee great Ron Guidry and ----- let's take another look at that fall from a different angle ----- (GIRL, BOY) you can see the crack in the pavement which is from an earthquake, it's about ten feet wide and sixty-feet deep, (FOOTSTEPS) and he falls into the crack (RD CRY OF FALL, LONGER, REVERB. THUMP, CRUNCH) ----- and he was taken to the emergency room (TR: Here you go. In the wagon, sir.) ----- what with the budget crisis in California, they've replaced the ambulances with bicycles towing red wagons and the bicyclist makes the sound of a siren himself (BICYCLE, TR SINGING SIREN) ----- and at the emergency room, due to the budget shortfall, he was treated by a veterinarian who usually works with racehorses so ----- (TR: HOLD TIGHT, just gonna put your arm back in the socket here-----) (TR EFFORT, CRACK AND CRUNCH)

TR: There. That wasn't so bad, was it. Here's some oats.)

GK: But Rich is doing our show today, but he doesn't have the strength he used to have, so for those big chords we've hired a pianist-

SS (DEEP, TOUGH, OFF): Keyboardist--

GK: Sorry, keyboardist--Courtney Cantaloupe (HEAVY FOOTSTEPS) to do those. (COUNT BASIE SEQ, THEN SS EFFORT& FOUR BIG DESCENDING MINOR CHORDS) She plays for the off-off-off-off-off Broadway production of Stomp It Down--with fire and giant cockroaches and pit bulls and bare-knuckle fighting----- --You okay to do the show?


GK: I was talking to Rich.

RD: I'm fine.

GK: You don't look that comfortable -----

RD: I'm okay.

SS (DEEP, TOUGH): He's okay. Let's go.

GK: All right, but okay isn't the same as fine-----

RD: I'm here. I came to play. (SLOW BLUES CHORDS)

GK: What about these rumors of your retirement?

RD: Don't believe it.

GK: Okay, but when you start falling down in the street, it sounds like maybe you ought to start taking it easy-----

RD: It was an accident.

GK: There's a wonderful assisted living place for musicians, the Dotted Rest-----

RD: Let's do the show. Don't pay any attention to me.

GK: We don't want you to over-exert----

RD: I'm fine.

GK: Rich Dworsky, doing the show today even though he's in pain. Maybe we should just do slow ballads today.

RD: This is a tune called "I'll Show You" ----- (FAST DWORSKY PIANO TUNE)