GK: If you're bored with your current instrument ----- (BOWED BASS NOTE, SLIGHTLY FLAT) ---- bored with the music (PIANO, SLOW HUMORESQUE) ---- if pressing on metal strings hurts your fingers (GUITAR) ---- maybe it's time you picked up the musical saw. At Andy McCormick Academy of the Saw, you learn, first of all, how to tune the instrument---- (SAW NOTES, THEN TK SAWING) which you do by sawing (SAW NOTES) ---- and then you start to learn saw repertoire ----- it's the instrument that's at home with opera (HABANERA) and it's equally at home in rocknroll (JUMPING JACK FLASH) and also in classical music (ODE TO JOY) and of course it's always been important in jazz (BLUE MONK) --- as Andy McCormick says,

AM: Some guys have an axe, other guys have a saw.

GK: And if the piano-player doesn't give you respect (TK SAWING) just cut a leg off the piano bench (THUNK, ELBOW ON KEYS) ---- (SAW) Useful around the home --- and an instrument with an edge that draws people together.


JS/GK: When it comes to good music
Between thou and moi.
There is nothing so lovely
As the musical saw.