GK: If you're flying this holiday season, remember as you take your seat to check behind you before you recline your seat back. There may be a tall person sitting behind you, and the simply act of reclining your seat may (CRUNCH & CRACKING. TR YELL OF PAIN) cause serious injury that could make it impossible for that tall person to go dancing or swing a golf club or participate in prayer activities in church. Please. If the person sitting behind you is not a small child, dwarf or double amputee, ask before you recline. Your seat is a lethal weapon.(CRUNCH & CRACK & TR YELL OF PAIN). Ask before you recline. A message in behalf of tall people. And when you're hanging pots and pans on your overhead rack, don't hang them where a tall person might (BANG, TR WHIMPER OF PAIN) walk into them, and when you're designing homes, don't make the doorways so low that (CRUNCH OF WOOD, TR REACT) and don't install pipes in the basement where (KONK, TR REACT) a tall person could injure himself.


Just because a person is over six feet,
Don't break their knees when you recline your seat.n

GK: A message in behalf of the tall. (MUSIC BUTTON)