SS: For almost a year, I was in a stable, committed, loving relationship with a vampire named Bob who I met one night when I was sleepwalking in the garden. He's a beautiful man and he loves me like nobody else ever loved me. I'll always remember that first night ----- the moonlight, the window open, the wind blowing the white curtains. But I'm a morning person and he's not. And he has dependency issues. He told me he could give up blood anytime he wanted, but he hasn't. He's very difficult when he doesn't drink and then he'll go off and have a quart and go lie down in his coffin and sleep. So we broke up a month ago. I told him I couldn't live like that. He said, "So don't live then. Try living dead---- like me." My mother says that I have to pound a silver stake in his heart and bury him upside down and fill up the coffin with garlic. But I don't know. I love him. I still think that counseling can work. I'm going to call him up now and see what he's doing tonight.n


You've got me under your skin
You've got me deep in the heart of you
I kissed you that night and now I'm a part of you
You've got me under your skin

Your window is open that I flew in
The dogs bark at night and the hoot owl sings
There's a mark on your neck and you hark to the sound of my wings
You've got me under your skin.