GK: Over the years so many women have experienced tragic disappointment at the hands of men. Like Madame Butterfly.


SS: Pinkerton! How could I fall for a guy in the Navy! The Navy!!! The Home for Unwed Fathers. I was 15 ---- he said he really loved me.

TR: (COOL): You're beautiful. Marry me.

SS: So I did. I was the happiest girl in Japan. He got me pregnant.

TR:(COOL): Gotta go, babes. Take care. See ya later.

SS: The old story. He left for three years and when he came back, he brings his American wife. Can you imagine?

TR: (COOL): Cio-cio San, like you to meet my wife Phyllis. Phyllis, this is a very good friend of mine, called Butterfly. Hey, listen...got to run...let's do this again. Great to see you kid.


SS: What could I do? He was a complete jerk. Either I had to commit suicide with this knife.nOr else move to Minnesota. (VOCAL FADES INTO BRIDGE)

GK: Yes, women in distress have always looked to Minnesota men for ballast in the storm. When flashy and brilliant and glitzy and glamorous don't work anymore, why not try steady-----find a Minnesota man.

TR: Hi. I'm Bud.

SS: I'm Butterfly, Bud.

TR: You're not from around here then, are you?

SS: I'm from Japan and I've come to find a good man, someone who isn't a jerk.

TR: Good. Let's go to a cafe or something. You hungry?

SS: Yes, but don't break my heart

TR: You want to go for lunch or just coffee ---- I already had lunch but I could have a bite if you twisted my arm----the cinnamon rolls are really good over at Mom's Cafe-----

SS: Bud, listen to me. You break my heart, I'll stick this knife in my belly! (CLINK. CROWD OOOHHH)

TR: That's a butter knife, lady. That's just gonna leave a bruise.

SS: Marry me, Bud.

TR: Sure. When? I'm pretty much free soon as we get the corn picked.n

GK: If you need a good man, there's lots of them in Minnesota------


We have some men
Who are Minnesota men
And we may not say all that much
We seldom dance and we're slow in romance
And our hands may be cold to the touch-
But if you would like a man who's loyal through and through
Then a steady friendly Minnesota man's for you.