AS & GK:

If you're having trouble with your plumbing
And it's ten below.
If your toilet's constantly running
Or your drains are slow.

TR: Yeah. This isJ.J. Murphy. People look down their noses at plumbers. Don't invite us to their dinner parties. Until somebody flushes a toilet and something surprising happens. (FLUSH, TOILET BACKS UP) Gracious livingain't so gracious when sewage happens, so the plumber is a man you want to stay on the good side of.


If the water's leaking through the ceiling
When you fill your tub.
If you flush and get an awful feeling
The water's coming up. (FLUSH. TR: Oh oh.....look out.)
Don't despair, just call up Murphy Plumbing
No job too big or small. (FN: Check the overflow tank.)
We'll be there to handle all your problems
Murphy's of St. Paul. (PLUNGER PLUNGES THREE TIMES. DRAINS. TR: Got it.)