GK: A new study came out October 5th showing that persistent loud noise in the workplace puts people at higher risk for heart disease. That would include racecar driving (CARS PASS, HIGH SPEED) and demolition (EXPLOSIONS) and goat herding (GOATS) and working the rides at the carnival (ROLLER COASTER ASCENDING ON CHAIN GEAR, THEN DESCENDING) and working as a truckdriver (DIESEL HORN) or an obstetrician (BABY WAILING) or a barista (ESPRESSO) or in construction (JACKHAMMER) it's bad for your coronary arteries (HEART PUMPING HARD) one more reason to be an English major. The quiet tapping of the computer keys (SFX) as you write a novel about a truckdriver (SFX) who slows down for road construction (JACKHAMMER) and is surrounded by a herd of goats (SFX) as his wife has a baby in back (SFX). An exciting life in pure silence.....through the wonders of imagination. English: nothing speaks so loudly as language when you know how.