[Fred] Trucks with big hoses sucking up the gunk from the chemical toilets and sucking up all the oil in the big dumpsters behind the cheese curds booth

[Tom] The mechanical udders milking like pistons in the moo booth

[Fred]n Mini donuts popping off into the oil (PLOOP PLOOP PLOOP)

[Tom]n Big paddle wheel turning on the Ye Old Mill, the lapping water in the dark tunnel against your wooden boat

[Fred] Guinea hens clucking (CLOOK, CLOOK, CLOOK)

[Tom] Rams getting shearednnnnnn

[Fred] The whoosh of the big slingshot as it's released in the air

[Tom] The veterinarians neutering a cat at the pet center (METAL INSTRUMENTS, DOCTOR: Clamp, scalpel)

[Fred] Hand sanitizers (SPLORT)

[Tom] Llamas spitting

[Fred] Motorcycles circling around in a metal globe

[Tom] Whoop whoop of the police cruisers trying to part pedestrians