My Mama didn't teach me to DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM
Or Dare to Be Me
My Mama brought me up to behave
And think less about me and more about you.

Many songs are about passion and the heat of the night
But how about being polite.
Please and thank you and excuse me

Thanks to our mamas we possess
The basics of appropriateness.
Don't be a jerk, do your work, pay attention, cool your engines.
Try to think things through.
And do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
My mama taught me that and also my pop
OOOOOOOOOwee bop bop shbop bop)

And on this 4th of July weekend when we celebrate
The spirit of independence that made our country great
I would like to toast with champagne
People who continue to drive in the right lane.
I would like to offer a cold beer
To the manager, the CPA, the engineer,
And while I am theoretically in favor of rebelling
I also believe in grammar and correct spelling.
And thank you for teaching this to your descendants
Even though it is a limitation on their independence.
Happy 4th of July
Hey hey hey