GK: Erica Rhodes is with us today, who the network has chosen as my replacement as host of this show. She is Young and Bright and she's here in the Berkshires for-----

ER: I'm here at a health resort to go on an all-flower blossom diet and cleansing myself of toxins.

GK: Good. And how is that going?

ER: I feel as if I am opening more than I ever have. I think it's all about openness and not being afraid to let go.

GK: Great---- They discovered Erica in the airport. They heard her voice in a tram and they just fell in love with it.

ER: Right. I was saying, "Stand Back, The Doors Are About to Close".

GK: So you're an actor?

ER: I'm an expressionist. That's how I think of it. Or an articulator.

GK: And you'll be taking over the show in the fall?

ER: We don't have a date yet. We're still working out a few things.

GK: But it will be in the fall, right? When the new season starts?

ER: Actually I wrote a song about that. Can I sing it for you?

GK: I guess you can.

I am not a fall person, just so you know.
My PH balance gets low and I need to be
By myself for awhile and kick back
Because my chakras are out of whack
Right now I am juggling some relationships that could go
either way
All because I have been emotionally available to others
I am a giver
That is the journey I am on
The darkest hour is right before dawn
That is what I am hopin'
Stand back, the doors are about to open.

GK: So you may not be taking over the show in the fall---

ER: I just have a lot of stuff going on now so what I want is for you to just keep on doing what you're doing. I say this honestly---- I really like what you have going on here. It's totally cute.

GK: Cute? I'm not sure cute is what we're going for.
ER: Well, it is what it is ya know? My parents totally love this show. They have since they were kids. And it's cute to see them so excited, you know? Because they're old.

GK: I get it.

ER: I mean it's radio. So you don't have a lot to work with right now. But when we put it on an app that people can add to their iphones, then we'll have something.

GK: So they'll listen to it on their phones.

ER: Everything is touch and go now. Easy access. Expanding the brand and making the show more accessible. Three minutes. Five minutes max. And we'll be golden. Because 2 hours is just waaaay too long.

GK: 120 minutes.

ER: We need to take that way down. Way down.

GK: Well, just let us know. We're ready when you are.

ER: Thanks. How about I just text you when I'm ready?

GK: I don't text.

ER: Ha! You're so funny. That's why you've made it this far. I love your sense of humor. Work that into your Twitter.

GK: Thanks. Well, we appreciate all your help.

ER: Awwww...thanks. That means a lot to me. This is gonna be super fun!

GK: Well we try.

ER: Ciao.