GK: ...after this.

TR (MIDWESTERN, FLAT): Hello. This is your dad. And I just want to say...thanks for the card. It's the thought that counts and I was moved by the fact that you remembered. It appeared to me that the card had been previously signed by someone else whose dad's name was Larry and because it said Larry in ink, you weren't able to erase it and so you tried to disguise it with a piece of masking tape, and I do appreciate you making that gesture. And you signed your name. Last year you didn't. Anyway--

It brought tears to my eyes. You need anything I'll be in the basement. That goes for me and all the other dads. Good to know you. Hope to see you this summer. Somebody said the reason you don't come around on Sundays is because you owe me money and I just hope that isn't true. The money I've given you I do not consider a debt in any sense. Believe me, I gave up on that idea a long time ago. Okay. You take care now. Keep your nose clean, if you know what I mean. And even if you don't.

GK: A message from the National Association of Dads.