GK: If you're hoping to be a father, but you just haven't found that special someone yet, call your local Egg Bank. We've harvested the eggs of young, healthy, attractive, athletic women with no mood disorders whatsoever. Eggs that are ready to be fertilized and incubated and that's where you come in-----

FN: Me?

SS: New experiments in the effects of massive amounts of estrogen have discovered that the male prostate can serve very well as a uterus. It's now possible for you to bear your own child.

FN: In my body?

SS: In your prostate.

FN: That is going to be one humongous prostate.

SS: Probably an 8-pounder.

FN: But won't that hurt? How will the baby be delivered?

SS: Guess.

FN: Really?

SS: That's the only way. But it'll be okay. You'll be in a tank of warm water with our midwife dolphins. (DOLPHIN)

FN: I'm going to be a daddy!!!!

GK: And now you can be one, too. If you're a man and you can't wait for Ms. Right, head down to the Egg Bank and launch yourself down the road to fatherhood. (BABY CRIES) You won't be sorry. Trust me on that. (BUTTON