GK: ...brought to you by the American Duct Tape Council. Duct Tape...it's useful for things you haven't even thought of yet. Down at Steady Eddie's Bar, all of the Stay At Home Dads get together for a beer.


FN : Yo. Hey, homeboy. How's it, baby daddy?

TR: Awww. She's all up in my biznezz.

GK: Up in your bizness, huh?

TR: Yeah, she's been baggin on me----

FN: She rolls up and it's like, What's for dinner? Hey, it's all good. Be easy. Don't be hating on me.

TR: Yeah, my wife is like, The house is a mess. Hey, clean it up. Be my guest, Mama.


TR: Well. This week it was explosive diarrhea. Comin' outta her ba dink-a-dink

FN: Yeah. Been there. Seen that. Not a good scene.

TR: She did it in the bathtub. Nasty nasty. Told her I was gonna send her to juvie. She gave me this look ---- My Bad, Daddy. Took me 3 hours to clean up. Mama came home right when I got done. She has no idea what goes on here. None.

GK: Yeah. I'm down with that.

FN: Yeah, well peep this. Mine ate four stems of an aloe plant. Turned my back for 10 seconds and I turn back around and he's got these tentacles coming out of his mouth. Man. For grody. Well. I don't know if it's poisonous or not--

GK: Was it?

FN: Doesn't matter. The kid puked on my suit and that was that. Aloe plant kid puke. Skanky. And he just kept tearing around like it was nothing. That's what put me off my game. You know?

TR: I'm all over it.

FN: Good to be here chillin', hangin' out, rollin' with the flow, bein with the homies. Hey?


GK; Stay at home Dads. Relaxing. And what do they use to hold it all together.
TR: Yo. Duct tape.

FN: That's what keeps it tight for me.

TR: Yo. Duct tape. That's what keeps it real.


GK: Keeping it real for the Baby Daddy. You just never know when you're going to need Duct Tape.