TR (ANNC): coming up later on many of these radio stations,n Rainbow Motor Oil and the Rainbow Family of automotive products brings you:n Dave Underwood, Underwater Dermatologist.


SS:n The sun's going down, Dr. Underwood.n And our oxygen tanks are nearly empty. I'm afraid we're going to have to leave that dolphin for another time.n

GK:n We still have fifteen minutes of oxygen left, Maureen.n And that dolphin is in need of professional skin care. The reason I gave up my lucrative practice doing lid lifts and Botox for aging TV stars and took up veterinary dermatology was that I care, Maureen.n .

SS:n Sometimes I think you care too much, Dr. Underwood.n

GK: What is that supposed to mean, Maureen?

SS:n We can't play God, Doctor.

GK:n Today, Maureen, we treated three sea turtles for eczema. And a squid with cystic acne.n A killer whale with hives. And now we're after a dolphin with psoriasis.n We're going down, Maureen. C'mon, let's go.n (DIVE, BUBBLES, SCUBA)

GK (THROUGH MASK): Remember, dolphins can be playful, Maureen. They're likely to remove your bikini if you're not careful.n

SS (THROUGH MASK):n I wish somebody would, Dr. Underwood.

GK (THROUGH MASK):n What was that? I can't hear you.

SS (THROUGH MASK):n I asked if that buoy is wood......

GK (THROUGH MASK):nn Come on Maureen.nn Let's find that dolphin and deal with his psoriasis. He's probably lurking around this pier.

SS (THROUGH MASK):n What do you treat psoriasis with?n

GK (THROUGH MASK):n We give him a shot of thyrotrophin to stimulate endorphins and apply paraffin to the psoriasis and peel it off.
SS (THROUGH MASK): I didn't know dolphins have endorphins.

GK (THROUGH MASK): We all do, Maureen. It's one thing that makes us feel good.

SS (THROUGH MASK):n I know of another, Dr. Underwood.

GK (THROUGH MASK):n What was that?

SS (THROUGH MASK):n Do puffins have endorphins? Or bluefins?

GK (THROUGH MASK): I don't believe so.n Look Maureen--there he is. Grab his fin, would you. (DOLPHIN) Easy, boy. Easy. Got him?

SS (THROUGH MASK): I think so. I don't know what I'm holding onto, though. Is it some sort of fin?n


SS (THROUGH MASK):n Hey----- get your beak out of there----

GK (THROUGH MASK):n Anesthetic ointment please.n Just a little on my finger.n (SPLORT)n Perfect.n And hand me the hypodermic-----

SS (THROUGH MASK):n Uh oh.n Dr. Underwood--I think my oxygen is out.n I'm feeling dizzy, and lightheaded.n (SEXY DOLPHIN)n Stop poking me.

GK (THROUGH MASK):n Come here, Maureen.n You'll have to share my mask with me.n Here.n You can fit your head right in there. Next to my head.

SS (THROUGH MASK): Butn Doctor----

GK (THROUGH MASK):n We'll make it work, Maureen.n Quick.n But don't let go of the dolphin. (DOLPHIN)n

SS (THROGH MASK):n Well....okay.


SS (CLOSE):n Hello.

GK (CLOSE):n Hello.

SS (CLOSE):n Are you sure you can work like this?

GK (CLOSE):n Sure.

SS (CLOSE):n I'm not in your way, am I?

GK (CLOSE):n No, I'm fine.

SS (CLOSE):n You have beautiful eyes. ---- I am very lightheaded.


GK (CLOSE):n The dolphin, Maureen.n Try to focus.

SS (CLOSE):n Kiss me.

GK (CLOSE): Maureen, you don't really mean this. It's not love, it's lack of oxygen.


GK (CLOSE): Now I'm afraid you've used up my oxygen. I'm feeling light-headed too. What are you doing? (DOLPHIN) You evil beast---- No. No.

SS (CLOSE): Oh Doctor. Oh---------


TR (ANNC): That's coming up later on Dave Underwood, Underwater Dermatologist. On many of these stations.