As I was a sleeping early one day
I smelled the flowers, the flowers of May
And I saw a maiden so sweet and so fair,
With bunches of flowers in her golden hair

And I could see as she drew near,
That she was my daughter, my darling, my dear,
An innocent child in a world that is mad
And none to protect her but me, her old dad.

She walked through the crowd of rough angry men
Noisy and crude and just out of the pen
Smelling of gin and the glitter of grease
And that very night we left for the South Seas

We moved to an island, one of the Hawaiian
With a house on a hill that we can sit high on
Up in a tower with a lock and a key
And a radar sweeping the wide open sea

There'll be no junk food, hip hop, or TV
She will be happy just talking to me
We'll work all day and when the light dims
We'll sit in the parlor and sing the old hymns

We will play Scrabble, Parcheesi, Monopoly
She will dress nicely and always act propoly
And her raison d'etre, her j'es nes c'est quoi
Will be to stay and take care of her pa

Hawaii will be fine, at least for awhile
And if it's not, we can live on Denial
We'll simply sail away cross the sea,
Denial has always been okay by me.