GK: It comes over you suddenly, waves of nausea (SFX), revulsion at food (SFX), gastric turbulence (SFX), and enormous bubbles of noxious gas (FAST FOOTSTEPS, DOOR CLOSE, MUFFLED BOMB EXPLOSIONS) and you think it's the flu (FN: It's the flu), that's what you think (FN: A virus), but it's not a virus (FN: Not a virus?) it's food poisoning, and that's why you need a food-tasting dog (WOOF) so much food today is stored under unsanitary conditions, it's rotten (BUBBLING), even though powerful preservatives keep it looking fresh (FN WOMAN APPROVAL) it'd knock a buzzard off the manure spreader (SQUAWK) You suffer from psychological conditioning: your parents brought you up not to complain about food. That's why you can't taste rot. But a rottweiler can (SNIFFING) he examines each dish carefully (SNIFF) tastes (SFX) spits it out (SFX), rinses (SFX), takes another taste (SFX), and tells you it's not good (GROWL) simple. You can save yourself weeks of feeling lousylow-grade food poisoning could be what's kept your career from taking off all these years a couple of years of good health and you'll be in the winners circle where you belong (FN WITH SELF ECHO: Thank you for this award. I accept it with a full heart. I'd like to thank my wife. And my kids. And my dog Junie.) (WOOF) A food-tasting dog. Look for it online at chowhound.com.