On the surface I'm educated, mature and professional. I own a dental practice and am successful. But I still see the world through the eyes of a child, with wonder and amazement and I'd like to meet an old-fashioned type of girl with an adventurous soul and a flexible schedule -
Iconsider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers arefundamentalismand Ayn Rand. I make amazing feta-stuffed bison burgers and my martinis taste like clean spring water. After three of them, you'll pass out with your shoes on.

I am a hiker and a vegetarian who eats fish and I have a thing for flannel shirts and scruffy beards. I have two best friends, as it is always good to have a spare. I work downtown, so I meet a lot of flannely, bearded men, but most of them live in the alley behind 3rd avenue. I love books. I could read forever. SoI don't mind being left at home. I don't mind having time to myself. I read the same books over and over again.I believe in a higher power but do not practice any specific religion.

I am a passionate communicator in pursuit of genuinely human connections, and enjoyment of the mountains, coast, and the universe of spaces in between and beyond. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to help fight the decline of social and environmental balance without getting too depressed in the process. Ilike movies, dancing, gardening, hiking, kayaking on Lake Union, music, museums, and the fiber arts, biking around the Sound. I love to bake bread. I am liberal, witty, attractive and healthy, adventurous, and financially and emotionally stable. The spark that ignites passion...that's what I'm looking for

NM: I am Available and Open and a seeker of truth. I have a Great connection with my Higher Power which wakes up every morning with me & says Yes to what ever I am thinking. I love praying in ceremony. I have a degree in Aeronautical Technology.

I'm a cute-as-button software type into weightlifting and fine wine. Tired of Microsoft yuppies, vegetarians, and sensitive northwest guys who cat sit for their ex-girlfriends. Some of these guys need to grow a pair, seriously.Are you a gun nut? Fine. Live in the sticks? Fine. Survivalist? Cop? Firefighter? All pretty hot. Tall, with big hands and a deep voice? Sign me up! Intelligence is great, but it's not the only thing. Also, yuppie crap doesn't impress me, so I don't care about your exotic vacations and your boat. (Well, maybe your boat?)"
TR: I am a former bike messenger, licensed librarian, outdoorsy, soccer-loving bookworm. I have hitchhiked extensively through Canada and Europe. I have a bachelor's degree, I plan on getting a Ph.D., I'm a vegan and keep myself in good shape, I'm fairly clean cut. I'm looking for a woman who practices Vipassana, as I do. There isn't exactly a big Vipassana hang out in Seattle but I know she's out there and I'm never gonna stop searching!

I am well-traveled, educated, musical, spiritually focused, a tarot reader, yoga doer, hiker n' biker, artist, witch, good cook, avid reader, nature lover, down to earth, 36, a redhead and yes, what you've heard about redheads is true.

I am independent and can take care of myself. I prefer tall, athletic guys who have a job, a car, and don't live with their parents. No alcoholics, Drug Abusers; Womanizers; Serial Killers; or Mean people. Please no nude pics. I have an imagination and I like to use it.