Ford Motor Company, I'm talking to you:
I adore my baby, Lord knows I do.
I need to be alone with her and snuggle up a little
Bring back that front seat with no gearshift in the middle

That's where we met, in the front seat of a Ford.
Sitting at the movies, then sliding on toward
My sweet darling, the woman I adore,
With her in my arms I don't need four on the floor

I'd get her warmed up with my special touch
Then I'd put her in gear and let out the clutch
We squeezed in close back in our courting years
But we've been split up by your engineers

There's an armrest, cupholder, gear shift, and brake lever
Where I used to whisper I would love her forever
Bucket seats are fine for safety, sure they are.
But I don't think Ralph Nader ever necked in his car

If safety were all we're thinking of
Then nobody would ever fall in love
Ford Motor Company, I want an automobile
With a big front seat where we can show how we feel
Put the gearshift on the steering wheel
I want a big front seat where I can show how I feel