Back to the old Town Hall,
Saturday night
Take a deep breath,
Feel the old stage fright
The ropes and rigging,
The old stagehands,
And all the props
Of the sound effects man.

I'm a lucky man,
Thank you, Lord.
Guitar player
Give me the chord
Good evening, folks,
Glad to be here ---
But who is that face
In the mirror?

Easy come
Easy go
One more day and one more show.

Stand up straight
At the microphone
Imagine your mama
Listening at home.
Tell her a story
Not too deep
Don't interrupt
Her sleep.

1 2 3 4 and 1 2 3

The house is full
For the Saturday show,
Beautiful ladies
In the second row.
Here's my cue
Hit the stage
An old soft shoe
From a bygone age

Shuffle, turn,
And hit my mark,
I can hear them smile
In the dark.
I hear them breathe,
I smell their cologne,
Please turn off
Your cellphone

Savoir faire
Savoir faire
Good to see you folks out there.