Dear naked ladies
Up in the air
Beautiful naked gurals
Joining to make the murals
I love your hair

Here it's November
The season of flu
Weather is cold and drear
Nobody's naked here
Except for you.

Had a good summer
Though it was dry
I felt mortality
Reach out and grab at me
Time flying by

I don't like winter
In the Midwest
I lie and say I do
She knows it isn't true
I get depressed

We sit at breakfast
Eat our oatmeal
Coffee of different blends
Light, dark, it all depends
On how we feel.

Life gets so tedious
This time of year
Each hour lasts a day
Slowly life ebbs away
Wish you were here.

I go to work at eight
Try to write prose.
Some mornings it's okay
Some days I'd like to say,
Let's take off our clothes

Dance along the avenue
Dance all around
Happy and frolicsome
And then the cops would come
And take us downtown.

Dear naked ladies
Your naked form
Your physiognomies
Withstand the winter freeze
Keep us all warm

Dear naked ladies
Up in the air
Ladies of my delight
When I rise up some night
I'll meet you there.