GK: People have traded in Old Clunkers (CLUNKER drive by) for Mercedes SUVs (SFX, BIG REV AND DRIVE BY, HONK) with French horns (HONK)--The old country western cowboy bars (STEEL GUITAR) have been turned into Wine Bars (PLUCKED VIOLIN Brandenbourg concerto).n Bar stools replaced with Yoga Mats (SITAR, INSTRUCTOR: Feel your Chi rise in your Woo Woo.)

The North Dakota handshake (SFX Good ta see ya, Bob) has changed to (BOB, hi!n DAAAAVE.n Mu-waa. Mu-aah) Instead of border collie dogs (BARKS, Jump in the back, Rowdy! BARKS), people now haven poodles and shitzus herding their sheep (Tiny yaps). People don't fish (CAST under) for brown trout anymore, they have them delivered (SFX TRUCK Rev, back up beeps) Not enough to own cows, you have to have French designer cows (FRENCH MOOS )