GK: ...brought to you by Martin Sheen Sheet Music -- publisher of the complete song catalogue of the late Harold O'Halloran including "Eileen" -- (PIANO)

MS (SINGS): Eileen, can't you hear me calling to you Eileen--

GK: The entire O'Halloran catalogue of songs you've come to know and over the years--

MS (SINGS): Galway, my heart keeps yearning for you Galway...

GK: These songs are not available on the Internet. You'll need to come to Martin Sheen Sheet Music on West Palo Verdes Boulevard in Covina, upstairs from Martin Sheen Clock Cleaning, and shop there for all of your favorite Harold O'Halloran songs, such as

MS (SINGS): Mother, when I stop and think of you, Mother--

GK: It's all at Martin Sheet Sheet Music in Covina -- no e-mails, please, no phone calls, no texting -- come in to the shop and look around and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for--

MS (SINGS): Espana, te amo, tu verdes montanas, sus rios Espana, mi amor...

GK: Is that a Harold O'Halloran song?

MS: Late in his life, when he left Eileen and went with Carmen.

GK: I see. That's Martin Sheen Sheet Music. Buy one, get two free. Upstairs from Martin Sheen Clock Cleaning. Right?

MS: It's where we clean clocks. We use steam. High-pressure steam. Cleans your clock right away. Like this. (SFX) See?

GK: Martin Sheen Sheet Music.

MS: You forgot his song "Erin, Your Green Valleys And Forests Call To Me" --

GK: That's all the time we have, I'm sorry.