GK: Right now classrooms at Wash U are deserted, the students have all gone home for the summer (CRICKETS).
There's Union Station, a grand old railroad station now a big shopping mall with various restaurants, French (TR FRENCH) and German (TR GERMAN) and Cajun (TR CAJUN) and Creole German French (TR CREOLE GERMAN FRENCH)
And here's Schlafly's brewery (SFX) where you can watch them mashing the grains (SFX) and see the fermenting tanks bubbling (SFX) and sample the extra pale ale (GULP), and the barleywine (TR: Mmm), and the summer lager (SFX), and the Hefeweizen (SFX)

Highway 40 is closed for construction (CREW, EARTHMOVER) so everyone is clogging Forest Park Parkway (HORNS), it doesn't help that the cars here drive slowly (PUTTERING CARS)
In Forest Park, you'll find eight fountains (SFX) left over from the old World's Fair. And in the history museum a replica of Lindbergh's plane, the Spirit of St. Louis -- you can almost imagine it taking off for the flight across the Atlantic (SFX) -- but no, it's the lawn mowers cutting the grass into long stripes running up the hill (SFX). And here's the aviary at the zoo, kookaburras and fruit doves fly in the open air (SFX)--
Here is the Shakespeare Festival in the park, (LUTE) and here is a strolling minstrel and a sackbut player (SFX) They're doing the Merry Wives of Windsor and here is Falstaff rehearsing his lines (FN: I do begin to perceive that I am made into an ass.) And here is a snowy egret in the pond nearby (SFX)--and the waterfall on the end of the park where kids like to play. (SFX)
Go past Busch Stadium (STADIUM SFX) where Albert Pujols-- home run knocked out the --I-- in the Big Mac Land sign last week (CRACK OF THE BAT, BALL SAILING, CRASH)
Outside the stadium, people walk to the Broadway Oyster bar, where the blues are playing (SFX).
You keep walking and you climb the steps to the big metal arch through the metal detectors (SFX) and climb into the little egg shaped canisters (TR: Excuse me, DOORS CLOSE) which slowly rise up the legs of the arch, which sways a little a the top (SFX), and you see St. Louis below (RISING SFX), The Mississippi river (SEAGULLS) with the riverboat casinos (SFX), the sleek Admiral moored on its dock, and the rusted barges (FOG HORN) slowly moving upstream on the river.