Part 1:

Part 2:

FN (SINGS): If you can make it there, then you can make it anywhere-- it's up to you, New York, New York.

GK: All of our contestants have been flown to New York absolutely free and landed at LaGuardia, one of America's most exciting airports (PLANE SHAKING, DESCENT) Coming in low over Long Island Sound....Rikers Island off to your right where the prisoners are looking out the cellblock windows hoping you crash -- and then you hit the runway (TIRES SCREECH) and he turns on the reverse thrust (SFX) so that you get a black eye from the G-Force -- just the first of many thrilling experiences in New York City. From LaGuardia, our contestants were brought into the city via taxis driven by men from countries where there are no stoplights (TR ARABIC, CAR REV, GEAR SHIFT, HORN HONKS, REV AND RACE) and brought to Midtown to your hotel -- where your second-floor room offers you a ringside seat for saxophonist who's playing on the sidewalk (SAX) and when he packs up and goes home, the gentlemen from the Dept of Sanitation (VOICES, TRUCK BACKING) who come around early to collect the garbage. (VOICES, TRASH COMPACTER). In addition, our contestants will have a chance to ride the A Train to Brooklyn (SUBWAY DOORS, ANNC) and enjoy a real New York experience -- when the train stops (BRAKES) and sits there in the dark under the East River and the lights flicker (SLIGHT PANIC) and the train motor stops (SFX) and the conductor comes on the PA and makes an announcement (FN PA UNINTELLIGIBLE) that nobody understands --

GK:'s a moment you'll remember long after you return home. And while you're sitting on the train, that's when the panhandler comes through the train.

FN: Okay, people. I'm sorry to bother you. I wouldn't do it if I didn't need your help. I've got one kid in Trinity School and one in Brearley and I don't know if you know how much tuition is but it's a lot and so anything you can give (SHAKES CHANGE IN CUP) -- twenty dollars, ten dollars, it all adds up -- anything at all --

GK: And our contestants were taken on a tour of cemeteries in Queens and Brooklyn (TR GODFATHER: He was a good man. We're gonna miss him. May he rest in peace. And now the Family's gonna all pull together and we're gonna go out there and get the guys who whacked Guido. Okay? Hear me?)
And tonight they'll be taken to a Russian nightclub at Coney Island (TR RUSSIAN) where they'll be given a clear beverage in a large glass that is not tap water (TR RUSSIAN) and after that, it's time to get on the Cyclone and go for a ride (SFX SEQ ROLLER COASTER) -- an antique roller coaster that has sat all winter in the salt air and now you'll be the first ones to ride it -- (RIDE, SCREAMS) --
New York. An exciting destination. And now let's go up to Columbus Circle and learn the art of jaywalking. (TRAFFIC PASSING)

SS (NY): Okay. You gotta show confidence. Okay? They're more afraid of you than you are of them. Okay? Just make sure they can see you. Okay. Here we go. (BUS PASSING, HORNS. CARS) Keep going. Don't stop. Pedestrians rule! This is a pedestrians-- town! (HORNS, CARS)

GK: NEW YORK. We brought our contestants here because it's a place that when you've been here, you remember it for a long time. And then comes your departure from LaGuardia.

FN (PILOT): This is your pilot speaking. As you can see we are No. 1 for takeoff. Due to the short runway, we use a catapult to get us up to speed and so-- if we could have everyone put your heads between your knees and brace.

SS (ELECTRONIC): Brace. Brace. Brace.


FN (PILOT): It's up to you, New York, New York.......