GK: ....brought to you by the Booksellers Of America who remind you that we don't only sell Proust and Melville, we sell all kinds of books.


SS (READING): She could see the outline of his pectorals straining under his shirt as he lifted her up onto the rock from where the surf was rising. (WAVES) She looked away, embarrassed, for her blouse and her jeans were soaked. And she could feel the heat of his gaze as he climbed up by her side....

GK: We booksellers look like serious people and you may imagine that we expect you to read the classics. We may intimidate you and make you self-conscious about picking up books that actually interest you. We sell all kinds of books. If you're in the mood for the classics, fine, and if not, we have other things. Don't confuse us with your old English teacher. (SURF)

SS (READING): She lay on the boulder, wrapped in his arms, as the water rose. What will happen to us? The sea is rising, she said. And my clothes are damp. I will carry you up the cliff to the little cottage at the top and we will live there and be happy, he said. I want to, she said, but how do I know you won't drop me. Close your eyes, he said, and I will carry you to the top. I promise. (SURF, GULLS)

GK: We booksellers are here to serve you. Don't be ashamed if you don't feel like tackling Saul Bellow right now. A message from the Book Sellers of America.