GK: It's spring in New York, and Thursday was about as beautiful as a day can be-- luckily we got the cold rain of reality yesterday and today because spring can be dangerous -- a man can easily lose his bearings and forget about his career goals and just go off the deep end.

TR: Oh what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful day (FALL, CRUNCH, GROAN)

GK: A man is full of fantasy, especially men doing mundane things -- bicycle messengers (SFX), dentists (SFX), radio announcers (SFX), airline pilots (SFX), anesthesiologists (SFX), lawn care workers (MOWER) -- simple repetitive jobs and while we perform them, we are daydreaming about being in show business --
FN (SINGS): I am the man who makes the garden grow
The flowers come up from the seeds I sow
I built the trellis that the vines climb on
I rake the lawn, I rake the lawn.

GK: We daydream about doing a handstand on a big circus horse (SLOW TROT) as he goes around the ring, about riding an elephant (SFX) with a Bengal tiger behind us (SFX), and winning the admiration of women (FN GIRL: You are so handsome. And strong. My hero.) -- that's what it's all about for men.
But wandering attention can get you in trouble in New York (TR HUMS ABSENTMINDEDLY, TRAFFIC, HORNS, BRAKES SQUEAL).
You have to pay attention in New York. And you have to have terrific peripheral vision (WHISTLE, BIKE MESSENGER SPEEDS PAST) because things come at you all the time and they come at you fast.

SS: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment for the environment?

TR (NEW YORK): Watch yourself'Meat Truck backing up!

SS: Lulu! Now stop that'she's a pit bull but she's nice.

TR (ITALIAN): Excuse me, can you point me to the Ground Zero?

FN: Smoke smoke smoke, smoke smoke smoke--.


GK: If you daydream, you may become one of those people who forget stuff behind--

TR (REVERB): My wallet! My keys! My passport.

GK: This is why you need coffee. To stay alert. (ESPRESSO)


Would you like some o I guess so,
A double tall espresso
Of coffee.
And you know Pavarotti
Liked to drink it with biscotti
Coffee helps you do your duty
In pursuit of truth and beauty
After the dessert
To keep the company alert
As you dance away
They'll turn and say that's awfully good coffee