GK: Hello?
SS (MOM): Did you get it?
GK: Mom?
SS (MOM): Yes, it's me honey, your mother. Did you get my Valentine yet?
GK: I was just opening it mother. I just picked up my mail--
SS (MOM): Well, I just wanted to make sure you got it because I sent it on Wednesday so it would be there on time because I thought, you know, probably Duane isn't going to get another Valentine.
GK: Mom--
SS (MOM): I mean, I don't know if you're seeing someone or not and it's none of my business but I thought probably not because of how you looked all sort of owly and moody the last time I saw you.
GK: I'm fine, Mom. And thanks for the Valentine.
SS (MOM): And did you find the five dollars I put in there for you Duane, did it fall out?
GK: I have it in my hand, mom, thank you very much.
SS (MOM): Did you see the balloon I drew coming out of Abe Lincoln's mouth? The one that says, "I love you, Duane"?

GK: Yes, Mom. Very nice
SS (MOM): Now I want you to go out and get yourself a little something special.
GK: I will mom.
SS (MOM): Because you know you can't really love somebody until you can love yourself'you know that don't you Duane?
GK: I've heard it said, mom, thanks.
SS (MOM): And if you are with someone these days, I just want you to know you can bring her over here to meet us anytime, night or day.
GK: Okay.
SS (MOM): Two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning, I don't care. I'm just lying away at night anyway worrying about you. I'd be tickled pink to get up and make pancakes.
GK: I'll keep that in mind.
SS (MOM): And I've got some very nice clothes here that she can have if she's the right size. They were Aunt Judy's. You remember Aunt Judy. Tall-- square shoulders-- slender hips--
GK: I remember.
SS (MOM): Not child-bearing hips necessarily, but of course obstetricians nowadays -- they can do wonders--
GK: Mom, I've got to go, okay?
SS (MOM): Got to go to what?
GK: Just have to do some things.
SS (MOM): Not going Somewhere? With a special Someone?
GK: Not today, Mom.
SS (MOM): Okay honey you take care.
GK: I will mom.
SS (MOM): I love you honey, because I love myself first.
GK: Good to know mom.
SS (MOM): Bye honey, love you.
GK: Love you mom.