I'm here to tell you people
I'm a man among men
I've been in radio
Since Jesus was ten.
I was a friend of Marconi
I'm old as the hills
But I stay youthful
Thanks to Carter's Liver Pills.
I used to be quiet
Extremely mild
I was captured by Lutherans
When I was a child
But I came to your city
To have fun tonight.
And so far I'm doing all right.
I was brought up to
Be extremely polite.
Never ask nothing and stay out of sight
Which led me to radio
Where I made my mark
Telling stories
A voice in the dark.
But I became curious
And wanted to know
Who was out there tuned in to my show
So I came to the theater
And now I can see
A whole lot of nerds like me.
It's a beautiful life
And if you lose your way
There's always tomorrow
A beautiful day.
Beware of the Puritans,
Who carry the flag
Life's not a march,
Life is more like a rag.
A little syncopation
Cannot be beat
Don't stick with the othersv Cross over the street
It's a great country
As you may know
How about we do us a show?