GK: We're in Vermont, a short drive from Montreal, and many Quebecois come down here to eat at the Cafe Boeuf Burlington: Where the elite meet to eat. With your host, Antoine.


GK: I'm sorry - you asked if I am wearing a potato?

TR: No, no, no. I ask if you are dining alone tonight?

GK: Yes, I am. I'm on tour.

TR: Aha. Okay. You are all alone. Okay.

GK: You have tables for one?

TR: Of course, in life we are all very much alone. Very very much alone. Or as Jean-Paul Sartre said, (FRENCH GIBBERISH)

GK: What does it mean?

TR: It means, "A man must march to his own drummer and not listen to the drums of others."

GK: That's not Jean-Paul Sartre. That's Henry Thoreau.

TR: You are saying that Sartre stole a saying from this- this Thoreau.

GK: Well, who knows. What are your specials, Antoine?

TR: Do you want to hear the specials?

GK: Of course.

TR: Then I will say them. We have two specials. We have (FRENCH) and that is 45 dollars.

GK: Forty five dollars!

TR: Oui. Your dollar is not so strong anymore. Your dollar is (FRENCH) -

GK: What else?

TR: And there is the (FRENCH) Forty six dollars.

GK: Okay. What were those again?

TR: The (FRENCH) and the (FRENCH).

GK: Okay, and the (FRENCH)- that's 45 dollars?

TR: It's not (FRENCH) - it's (FRENCH) -What you said - (FRENCH) That means to put a carrot in your ear and spit through your nose.

GK: Sorry.

TR: So- Decide. Make your choice.

GK: I'm not sure I remember what they are-

TR: Be decisive. Be bold. Courage!

GK: The first one then!

TR: You mean (FRENCH)?

GK: Yes.

TR: If you want (FRENCH), you are an idiot, monsieur. I spit on you (SPIT).

GK: You asked me to decide and I decided!!

TR: Whoever would choose (FRENCH) instead of (FRENCH) is an imbecile.

GK: You know, here in Vermont, there are laws against hate speech.

TR: You are a fool- you are (FRENCH TIRADE)-

GK: Sounds like hate speech to me.


GK: Is there anyone else back there to take my order?

TR: Non. It is only me. Antoine. Serving you, the man who must eat alone. And you do not know what to eat. It's like Sartre said, (FRENCH) - some men should not march, they should lie down and let others march over them.

GK: Okay. Goodbye.


TR: Where are you going?

GK: Some other restaurant. I don't need this abuse.

TR: Come back when you know how to order. Or better yet, don't.


GK: The Cafe Boeuf. Where the elite meet to eat. A French dining experience right here in Vermont.