GK: And we'd like to wish a happy birthday to Senator John McCain today, John McCain who is 72 years old. (A BEAT) 72 years old. Can you believe that--And because the Republican National Convention is in town next week, we have Mr. McCain right here-happy birthday, Senator McCain-

TR (MCCAIN): My friends, thank you very much my friends, I have never felt better. I am ready to serve, and I am happy to be with my new running mate, 44 year old Sarah Palin, who is exactly what this country needs.

SS (PALIN): Thank you Mr. McCain, you know, I have always believed that--

TR (MCCAIN): Some people might question me choosing a former beauty queen for a running mate. But I am tremendously excited to have her by my side.

SS (PALIN): Thank you. You know I have always said-

TR (MCCAIN): And let me tell you, my friends, I feel just as vital today as I did when I was Sarah Palin's age, 24.

SS (PALIN): Forty four. And let me just say this about global warming. The polar bear population is doing just fine. There are lots of them, let me tell you, lots-

TR (MCCAIN): Whatever. Bring it on. I'm ready. I feel great.

GK: John McCain, ladies and gentlemen-72 years old today. Welcome to St. Paul.

TR (MCCAIN): See you at the Excel Energy Center, my friends.

SS: I'll be there, too.