Segment 1
00:00 Logo
00:11 "Tishomingo Blues"
02:38 GK opens, talks about the local sites
03:54 "Washington (America The Beautiful)"- GK/ Shoe Band
06:04 ELCA script into "Smoke in the Kitchen"- Shoe Band
11:45 Guy Noir script
23:16 GK intros Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
23:38 "Bluegrass Saturday Night" - Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
26:42 "Ashes of Mt. Augustine" - Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
30:04 GK talks with Rhonda
30:24 "Fishers of Men" - Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
33:57 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
35:30 GK talks to Pat Donohue
36:18 "Sometimes"- Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
40:10 GK talks about summer, white shoes, hot dogs
40:33 Cowboys script
47:36 GK brings up the band to sing about summer
47:53 "Turn, Turn Turn/ Surfer Girl/ Summertime"- GK/ Pat/ Rich/ Shoe Band
54:15 GK intros Raul Melo
55:13 "Torna A Surriento/ Funiculi Funicula/ 'O Sole Mio!"- Raul Melo, Tamara Sanikidze
1:01:35 Intermission- "Everybody Loves My Baby"

Segment 3
1:05:38 Greetings
1:09:56 "Congressman"- Pat Donohue and GK
1:12:23 Mom script
1:21:05 "Washington Blues"- Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
1:22:26 "Washington Notes" - GK
1:25:00 "Tenting On The Old Campground"- GK and Raul Melo
1:28:40 "Elegy"- Shoe Band
1:30:45 Sonnet for Memorial Day- GK
1:31:53 "Ingemisco" (from Verdi's Requiem)

Segment 4
1:35:28 The News from Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
1:48:19 "Mattinata" - Raul Melo and Tamara Sanikidze
1:51:00 "Hit Parade of Love" - Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
1:53:30 Body script
1:54:53 Credits, "Summertime reprise", "Fire on the Mountain"