TR (ANNC): And now, the story of one man, his mother, and the 8.6 miles of copper wire that separate them. It's Duane. The Chosen Son.

GK: Hello?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE, OFF): --it's the blue one. No the blue one, Hank. (TR MURMURING, OFF). Because the orange sponge is for countertops. The blue one is for dishes. (TR MURMURING, OFF) well then throw it away. (TR MURMURING, OFF)-no Hank, don't use it again-(TR MURMURING, OFF)

GK: Hello? Mom?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Duane? Honey? Are you there?

GK: I'm here. You just called me.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Well you weren't picking up, honey, so I was going to leave a message.

GK: I'm here, mom. I was just working.
SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Working? On what?

GK: It's okay, Mom -- what can I do for you?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): "What can I do for you?" Listen to him. "What can I do for you?" Duane, this is your mother.

GK: I know that.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): I just wanted to see what you're up to this summer.

GK: I'm not sure yet.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Your dad and I were just talking about going up to the cabin. It's Memorial Day weekend.

GK: Right.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): We were going to open it up and maybe put the dock in. But I suppose we could hire somebody to come and do it for us.

GK: I'm sort of busy this weekend, Mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Of course you are. I assumed you would be. And that's just fine. We don't have to put the dock in. We don't even need to keep the cabin, for goodness sake. We only keep it because we thought that someday, if you ever have a family, you might like to take them there.

GK: Mom--

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): That's why we bought the cabin. Forty years ago. So the three of us could be a family and swim and fish and walk in the woods -- and become close--..(WEEPY) A close family.

GK: I know, mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Maybe you'd like to come and do that this summer. Just for a week or so.
GK: Okay, I'll think about it. I may have to go to New York for awhile though--..


GK: I started a new book. There's an agent who's interested in it.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): A new book? What happened to the three books you've already written?

GK: Mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Well, why don't you publish one you've already written rather than start in a new one, Duane?

GK: I know, Mom. Thanks for reminding me.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): And it's so hot in New York in the summer, the heat rays beat down, you sweat, you lose your bodily fluids, you get confused, you could fall down in the subway tracks and get run over and your body be eaten by rats and the commuters just roll their eyes because now they're going to be late

GK: Mom.

SS: Wouldn't you rather be at the lake this summer? I mean what is this book you're working on, huh?

GK: It's just a book--

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): I hope this isn't something I'm going to have to explain to the neighbors. I mean it's not about us, is it?

GK: It's just a coming-of-age story, Mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): A coming-of-age story? Duane, you're fifty years old, honey. Your coming-of-age has come and gone.

GK: It's called "Whatever" and it's about ambivalence, Mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): So it is about us.

GK: It's not. Not really.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Well, I just don't know what I'm supposed to think now. You better just talk to your dad now. (OFF) Hank! Hank!

TR (OFF): Yeah.

GK: Mom, can I call you back? I was kind of in the middle of--

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE, OFF): Duane's on the phone you wanna talk to him? (TR MURMURS, OFF) He's writing another book. (TR MURMURS, OFF)

GK: Mom-

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE, OFF): Just put the video on pause. (TR MURMURS, OFF) It's the one that says Pause. (TR MURMURS) He's on the phone right now. -- Here. Don't drop it. (A BEAT)


GK: Hi dad.


TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): You coming up to the lake then?

GK: I don't know. Have to check my schedule.

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Hoping to put in the dock this weekend.

GK: Oh. (A BEAT) Can you get Don to help you?

GK: Oh.

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Yeah. Died last year. Was making stir fry and he fell right over.

GK: Sorry to hear it.

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Yeah. My best friend.

GK: Don was--

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Yeah. We used to talk for hours.

GK: You and Don talked for hours?

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Yeah. Dead now.

GK: Okay.

TR (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): So, here's your mother. Good talking to you Duane.

GK: Bye dad.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE, OFF): Give me the phone Hank. Give it-don't drop it now-(ON PHONE) Duane? Duane?

GK: I'm here mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): So you want to come up with us? I can put the green sheets on the bunkbed.

GK: You want me to help you put in the dock?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Only if you want to, Duane. We want to be with you, Duane. That's all we want.

GK: Because if you want me to help just say so-

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): It's just that the water is so cold, Duane. Your dad's got about 20 minutes to get that 400-pound dock in and after that he could slide under like a stone, I keep telling him, we should sell the place, it's too much for us, but he won't do it. You know why?

GK: He wants me to have it.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): It's his legacy to you. And your family. When and if that should happen.

GK: Mom, we keep going over and over this--

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): I know, it's silly because you had a horrible childhood and we ruined you for life and you're just going to shove my nose in it

GK: I'm not shoving your nose in it---

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): And now you're writing this book where you're probably comparing me to Hitler and I'm sorry it was so bad for you but it's almost over now. (CRACKS)

GK: Mother, calm down?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): I have been so tired lately, Duane. I don't think I have long. So I want you to freeze me, Duane.

GK: What?!?

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): You can freeze me and then if you ever have kids, you can wake me up. You know, defrost me. Just for five minutes, Duane. So I can be happy for five minutes. (SOBS)

GK: Mom--

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): In fact, you can make it easy on yourself. You can just freeze my head. It's cheaper. That way you can bring the kids in and put me in the microwave on high in two minutes. And I'll open my eyes and you can say-here kids. Here's grandma. And I'll smile and that's all I need, Duane. Then you can just lob me into the neighbor's yard and it'll be all over. (SS SOBS).

GK: Mother.



GK: Do you want me to come put in the dock this weekend with dad?
SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Only if you want to, Duane.

GK: I want to, okay? I'll come.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Because it gets really cold out there, you know.

GK: I know mom. I'll rent a wetsuit mom. We'll get two of them.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Oh I don't want to bother you, Duane. You were working on your novel.

GK: It's okay.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE):You can sleep on the front porch with the windows open like you like.

GK: Fine. Sounds good.

SS: I'm so glad you're looking forward to it.

GK: I am mom.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): I have a feeling things are really gonna turn around for you this year, Duane.

GK: I'm sure they will.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): (OFF) Well just hang on, Hank. I'm coming. (BACK ON) You take care Duane, and we'll see you Friday.

GK: See you Friday now.

SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Bye honey. Love you.

GK: Love you mom.