GK: It's graduation time, and all across the country young people sit under the sun in hot black robes and listen to speeches by old people.

FN (DRONING, ON MIC) And in the end, I say, do what you love, for it is only in doing what we love that we carry that flaming torch that is our dream (HE CONTINUES, UNDER)

TR (BROKAW, ON MIC): You may not be the greatest generation, but you're up there. I'd say you're in the top ten. Maybe the top five. You've got time. Not that much time, but a little.

FN (DRONING, ON MIC) .... a torch that will light a candle rather than curse the darkness and try to make this world a better place than how we found it (HE FADES UNDER)

SS (HILLARY, ON MIC): Some people say, quit. Some people say, drop out. But I'm not going to drop out, and you know why? Because you didn't drop out and that's why we're here today. Because you people are not quitters and neither am I.

FN (DRONING, ON MIC): As Henry David Thoreau said many years ago, dare to march to your own drummer for it is only in dreams that we sustain that light that is within each and every one of us, the light that is the human spirit...(HE CONTINUES DRONING UNDER)

GK: But the graduates are only thinking one thing.


GK: It's not really about dreaming, is it, or making the world better. It really is about...


GK: And that's why you might want to stop in at the ELCA, the Evelyn Lundberg Counseling Agency---- She'll tell you what you need to know. And it's not about dreams.

SS (EVELYN): All right now you listen to me. You look scared half to death and you should be. Your parents are done with you. Done. Can't go back there. You're sitting there with a degree you don't want and you don't know who you are and you're not going to find out until you're 37 or so, and meanwhile you have to get a real job, which you never had before. Boy, are you in for a treat. I suppose you want to write screenplays. Well don't we all. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, welcome to the world of retail sales.
GK: Evelyn Lundberg. She's not afraid to speak the truth, and isn't that what you need right now? Maybe you'd like to consider her as a graduation speaker.

SS (EVELYN, ON MIC): Class of 2008, listen to me. The future does not belong to you. Your car doesn't even belong to you. But your head belongs to you so start using it. Each of you has got friends who are so much fun to hang out with. Get rid of them and start making new friends who have a little common sense. And it wouldn't hurt if your friends know people who could offer you a job.

GK: That's Evelyn Lundberg, if it's the truth you want.

SS (EVELYN): Just quit feeling sorry for yourself and shape up and get down to business and if you want to dream I'll slap you one and give you something to dream about.