GK: We're here in Bangor Maine, a beautiful city on the Penobscot River where it's May and so we have young women in prom dresses covered with blood--(SS SPOOKY GIRL, SQUISHES)--- and it looks like she's --(FLAMEUP, SS SPOOKY LAUGHTER)--and it looks like she's starting a big fire--and here's a park that actually is a cemetery (OWL) with lots of little tiny graves here-the ground is kind of moving (DIGGING, ANIMALS) and dogs and cats and gerbils are rising out of the ground (SPOOKY MEOW) so that's interesting , --(DEEP GROWLING)--and here is a giant St. Bernard that's foaming at the mouth (BIG RABID DOG) and here we have a clown (RUSTLING, EVIL CLOWN LAUGHTER) but not a friendly clown. (EVIL CLOWN RUNS PAST, HONKS) No. (CAR SCREECHES, REVS) And here is a crazy car (CAR SQUEALS AND REVS AND TURNS)--a crazy red and white Plymouth--(RUNNING, BREATHING HARD)--a 1958 Plymouth Fury--and the evil clown is in the car (EVIL CLOWN LAUGHTER)--with the dog (RABID ST. BERNARD)--and the girl with blood all over her (SS SPOOKY)-- Bangor Maine. Hometown of Stephen King.