SS: I love this piece. --(PAUSE) It makes me think of summer somehow. Beaches. Sun.

GK: Bach makes you think of beaches.

SS: Well-- you add an E to Bach -- (PAUSE) it's beach.

GK: What are you trying to say?

SS: I was just thinking maybe we could get away this summer. Go someplace. You and me.

GK: What about Josh?

SS: Josh is almost sixteen.

GK: So?

SS: Josh needs to develop a little independence. Learn that his mom and dad aren't always there to prop him up and keep him from --

GK: Keep him from what?

SS: Maybe you're right. Maybe we'd better stay home.
GK: Isn't Josh going to camp this summer?

SS: Oh, that's right. German immersion camp. In July.

GK: Whose idea was that?

SS: Honey, left to his own devices, Josh would probably arise at noon every day and spend six hours playing Second Degree Felony and listening to the Angry Grommets. But-- once he gets used to the idea -- I'm sure he'll be perfectly happy at German camp.

GK: So where do you want to go?

SS: Where would you like to go?

GK: I don't care.

SS: We always go to places I pick out -- why don't we go somewhere you want to go? .

GK: Okay.

SS: (PAUSE) So? (PAUSE) Where?

GK: I was thinking about Maine. (PAUSE)

SS: Okay. (PAUSE) What about Maine?

GK: I've always wanted to go there.

SS: (PAUSE) For any particular reason?

GK: Heard it was beautiful. You know, lobsters, pine trees, that kind of thing.

SS: Uh huh.

GK: Where would you like to go?

SS: I was thinking San Diego.


GK: Okay, we'll go to San Diego.

SS: No, no, I'm not going to play that game. You want to go to Maine, we'll go to Maine.

GK: I don't need to go to Maine. I could go to San Diego.

SS: No, we'll go to Maine. I'll just buy some raingear and some bug repellant and we'll be all set.

GK: I don't know.

SS: Maine is fine. I'll bring some books, and an antidepressant, I'll be okay.

GK: How about we compromise?

SS: Between Maine and San Diego?-- What? Kansas?

GK: I wouldn't mind Kansas.

SS: Fine. You go to Kansas, I'll stay and take care of Josh.

GK: No, no-- I'm going online and order tickets to San Diego. When do you want to go?

SS: We'll go to Maine. We always go places I pick out and you suffer through it and sit and sulk and so let's go to Maine.

GK: I'm not going to Maine.

SS: Fine. I'll go alone.

GK: Fine.

SS: We could go to North Carolina.

GK: That's a great idea.

SS: That's where your old girlfriend lives, isn't it? Carolyn?

GK: Is it? I don't remember.

SS: This music made you think of her, didn't it.

GK: It's only music.

SS: She was a pianist. You told me that. Carolyn was a classical pianist. She had long red hair and she was a vegetarian and she volunteered at the Humane Society. Remember.

GK: And?

SS: When you close your eyes, you're imagining that you're with her, aren't you.

TR (TEEN): Mom? Dad? What's going on in here?

GK: I have no idea, Josh.

TR (TEEN): Can I come in? Are you decent?

SS: Come in, honey. (DOOR OPEN, FOOTSTEPS)

TR (TEEN): What are you arguing about now?

SS: We weren', honey. We were just having a discussion.

TR (TEEN): What's this music?

GK: It's Bach.

TR (TEEN): Kind of depressing, isn't it.

GK: Did you need something, Josh? Can we help you at all?

TR (TEEN): No, I just came in to talk.

GK: Okay, you've talked. Thank you.

TR (TEEN): I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.

SS: We're fine honey. Don't worry.

TR (TEEN): I've been working with those German tapes you gave me. They're really neat. Listen. (TR TEEN SPEAKING FLUENT GERMAN)

SS: Wow. That's great, honey. Did you hear that?

GK: Sounds good. What does it mean?

TR (TEEN): It means, "I want to crush you with the force of iron and forge your soul into a knife that will bring down the evil dwarf."

SS: Interesting.

GK: Is that a quotation from something, Josh?

TR (TEEN): No.

SS: You thought of it yourself, honey?

TR (TEEN): Yeah. Why?

GK: So you like German, huh?

TR (TEEN): Yeah. It's really a neat language. You can say all sorts of things in German that you can't say in English.

GK: Is that right--

TR (TEEN): Yeah, like for example. (TEEN FLUENT GERMAN)

GK: Uh huh.

SS: What does that mean, honey?

TR (TEEN): It's hard to translate.

GK: Try.

TR (TEEN): Well, it's sort of like -- "You have betrayed the shining ideals that I thought we held sacred and you have broken my trust and so, as soon as I'm done with the dwarf, I'm going to come back for you."

GK: Yes. I see what you mean.

TR (TEEN): We don't really have an equivalent phrase.

GK: No I suppose not.

SS: So where would you like to go for vacation this summer, honey?

TR (TEEN): California.


SS: Okay. What do you think?

GK: With Josh?

SS: Yes.

GK: Sure, California. How about San Diego?

SS: Why are you looking at me like that?

GK: Like what?

SS: Never mind.

TR (TEEN): Wow. Cool.

GK: You don't want Josh to go to language camp?

TR (TEEN): I can learn it from tapes.

SS: Okay. You okay with that?

GK: Of course. Why not? (MUSIC UP AND OUT)