GK: ...right after this message.

TR (BUSH): Hi there. It's me. Your President. And guess what time it is? It's tax rebate time. That's right. Time for that Economic Stimulus Plan to trickle right down into America's lap where it can sink in and stimulate you. Six hundred bucks. Nothing to sneeze at. You could fill up your gas tank all week for that. Or pay for your health insurance. One or the other. Probably be good for your health if you got out and walked more, so that's what I would do. Leaves you about five dollars and ninety nine cents left for a tall skim latte frappuchino, hold the whipped cream if you're on a diet. Take your pick America. It's on me. The decider. Your president. The check is in the mail. You're welcome. And don't forget to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library next time you're in Texas.