Bangor Maine, Bangor Maine
Take a boat or ride the train
Take a slicker, it might rain
In Bangor, Maine
Lobster in the lobster traps
Clams are buried in the flats
Fishermen in fishing shacks
Up in Maine
The only state that's just one syllable
It's mostly woods, not much is tillable
Acre lots are available
Up in Maine
On the coast, fine cuisine
Sailing clothes from L.L. Bean
Pay five dollars for caffeine
Up in Maine.
Inland it's daytime TV
They drive a Mercury Grand Marquis
They laugh at the bourgeoisie
Up in Maine
Here in the pine tree state
Spring comes a little late
Hurry up and find a mate
Up in Maine
Rocks along the Maine coastline
Smell of spruce, Eastern pine
Sometimes the sun may shine
Up in Maine
It's not easy to explain
To some folks it seems insane
What's the profit, where's the gain
The reasoning is too arcane
It may seem dangerously inane
But I love Maine