Segment 1
00:00 Logo
00:13 Tishomingo Blues, GK opens
04:03 Marydel Rosenfield sonnet, more sonnets, "I Think of You", "When I Dream"
15:00 GK talks about the Olympic torch, papal visit, taxes
15:36 T for Taxes- Shoe Band
17:55 Fred script
24:26 more sonnets
26:41 "Ah! Leve-Toi Soleil"- Raul Melo, with Michael Recchiuti
32:07 GK talks to Raul Melo
33:08 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
34:50 GK talks about sonnet statistics
35:32 GK intros Nellie McKay
36:38 "Testify"- Nellie McKay and Shoe Band
40:25 "Zombie"- Nellie McKay and Shoe Band
45:29 Guy Noir script
1:02:14 Intermission - "Blue Skies"

Segment 3
1:06:12 "There's No Business Like Show Business"/ "Ol' Man River"/ "Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'"
1:13:30 "Buckets of Rain"- Pat Donohue and Chris Thile
1:16:22 More sonnets, Aura Lee/ In the Gloaming/ Let it Be Me
1:27:26 GK intros Raul Melo
1:28:17 "Che Gelida Manina"- Raul Melo, with Michael Recchiuti

Segment 4
1:33:35 The News from Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
1:45:00 "I Wanna Get Married"- Nellie McKay
1:49:30 "Wayside"- Chris Thile
1:52:24 GK thanks sonnet writers, picks winner: Marydel Rosenfield
1:55:20 Credits, "True Love Ways" closer