GK: Wall Street -- real estate market-- oil prices -- more and more bad news for the American economy, and so the dollar continues to fall against other world currencies and that means more and more foreigners are coming to America, waving money at us, acting like they own us. (TR IMPATIENT ITALIAN). Chinese in big loud shirts and shorts (CHINESE) and waving money at us and they seem irritated that we don't understand their language. (ARROGANT CHINESE, EATING)-they honestly expect us to speak Chinese.

GK: --I'm sorry, what did you say?

GK: It doesn't help to talk loud, I don't speak Chinese-

GK: And eventually Chinese expressions will slip into the English language. By way of impressionable teenagers.

SS (TEEN): Dad-I'm going to the (CHINESE) with Julie-we're going shopping for (CHINESE)
GK: What can we do? We have to strengthen the dollar and that means keeping your money out of the hands of the big banks who are only going to throw it down a rathole. Bob's Bank in the little Green Mobile Home -- has never indulged in subprime mortgages. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, is the motto at Bob's -- so save at the sign of the sock.