GK: ...after this message from Fritz Electronics-yes, we still have cell phones (RING) and pagers (BUZZ) and Blackberries (TINY TYPING), and IPods (PERSON SINGING TO SELF), and that's fine if you're an average person, but if you're really cool you'll want to visit the Retro Room in the back. ('IN THE MOOD,' OFF) Where we sell manual typewriters (TYPEWRITER) three-speed bikes (BIKE BELL), 78 records (78) and a rotary dial telephones (SFX). We've got Ms. Pac Man consoles (BEEPING), and old radios with vacuum tubes, (RADIO TUNING), some thing that electrocutes hot dogs (ZAP, WUBBLE)-we've got electric can openers (SFX), flash bulbs (SFX), percolating coffee pots (SFX), metal roller skates (SFX), old viewmasters (SFX), polaroid cameras (SFX), and electric football (SFX), with the little guys moving around on a table (TINY FOOTBALL PLAYERS JOSTLE) and a whole lot more. What's cool now is retro, and you'll find something to fit your every retro need at the Retro Room at Fritz Electronics. When you're too cool for electronics, talk to Fritz.