Tim Russell (GORE): Hi. I'm Al Gore. Guess what I did yesterday? I won a Nobel Prize. And I did it without the intervention of the Supreme Court. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Nobel Peace Prize. Me. Al Gore. I went out there and wrote a book and made a movie while George W. Numbnuts got us into war and lost a major American city and put us gazillions in debt. You're doing a heckuva job, charley.

Garrison Keillor: Congratulations, Mr. Gore. And now under the equal time provisions of the F.C.C. --

TR (BUSH): Nobel Peace Prize, huh? What kind of little statuette they give you with that? Those Swedes know about as much about peace as they know about barbecued shrimp. So you're popular in Stockholm. Hubba hubba. Go run for president in Sweden. You and that goody two-shoes Jimmy Carter. Maybe you should grow that beard back. Made you look like an English professor or something.

GK: Congratulations to former Vice President Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace Prize--

TR (BUSH): I hated your book, by the way. Who wrote it for you?
TR (GORE): Sorry you didn't like it. Who read it to you?

TR (BUSH): You did. I listened to the book on tape. It was like listening to mom telling me to clean my room.

TR (GORE): Nice of you to sit down and listen to something somebody else has to say for once--

TR (BUSH): I didn't sit down. I did it on the treadmill. Almost fell off cause I fell asleep.

TR (GORE): Well this country is on a treadmill when it comes to taking responsibility for our collective carbon footprint--

TR (BUSH): You got a pretty big footprint yourself, wide ride. What are you up to now--280? 300?

TR (GORE): The fact is that I won a Nobel Peace Prize, which is pretty cool and you know it.

TR (BUSH): You sure you won? Maybe we oughta have a judge take a look at the ballots.

TR (GORE): This is Al Gore and I won the Nobel Peace Prize.

TR (BUSH): I'm gotta go run the country-- see ya round, Pumpkin.

GK: Thanks, Mr. President. Al Gore, Nobel Prizewinner. And we wish him well.