Garrison Keillor: And now in honor of the great French mime Marcel Marceau who died this week at 84, our sound-effects man Mr. Tom Keith is going to walk into the wind (WIND), trying to hold onto his umbrella (SFX) and it's a strong wind that (TK SLIGHT PANIC) almost knocks him off his feet and (SMALL DOG) here comes a dog and he goes to pet the dog (SMALL DOG SNARL), and the dog grabs hold of his umbrella (DOG SNARL, TK EFFORT)-back and forth, a tug of war, and (RIP) he does not notice the banana peel on the sidewalk (SLIP, TK PANIC, THUMP) and falls and suddenly (TRUMPET) there is an enormous bull facing him (SNORTING BULL) and Tom uses his jacket for a cape (CAPE FLOURISH), and the bull charges (BULL BELLOW, HOOVES), and Tom executes the classic veronica (SWOOSH)-- and the crowd cheers (CROWD ROAR) and Tom walks on and sees a flower, a beautiful yellow flower (TK SIGH OF WONDER), and he picks it and sniffs it (INHALE) and of course (BEE BUZZ, TK ALARM) there is a bee inside it and (RUNNING FOOTSTEPS) it chases him and he tries to fight it off (SWINGING OF FISTS, BEE BUZZING) and the bee comes after him and he runs (PANIC, FAST FOOTSTEPS) across the busy street (FLURRY OF TRAFFIC) and into the phone booth (DOOR SLAM) with a fat lady inside (LADY PROTEST, STRUGGLE) and now there's a bee inside too (BUZZING) and the door won't open (SHAKING DOOR, LADY PROTEST, STRUGGLE, BEE BUZZING), and that's where we'll leave him.

GK: In honor of Marcel Marceau. Mr. Tom Keith.