Garrison Keillor: We're at Wolf Trap, the national performing arts park outside Washington, and in honor of Minnesota, Wolf Trap has a number of loons here, which are our state bird. (LOON) A bird with a beautiful mating warble. The quintessential Minnesota sound. (SOOTHING LOON CALLS). Of course it's stressful for the loon to leave the North Woods of Minnesota and come and live in Washington. (HYPER WARBLING) and sometimes they go through pond rage (LOON ANGER) -- and they take it out on their kids (LOON ANGER) and sometimes they do their mating in bars, like a lot of other people in Washington (INTOXICATED LOON). Sometimes a loon will have a couple of Kahlua mudslides and stand up and sing Frank Sinatra (LOON KEEPS SINGING).