Garrison Keillor: Good to see you, Mr. President.

TR (BUSH): It's good to be seen. Thanks for inviting me. Course it's a national park. Kinda hard to keep me out. Heh heh heh heh heh. Because when it comes to national parks, I am The Decider.

Tell you one thing I've decided. And that's this-- I am starting to really enjoy Washington. Didn't used to but I do now.

I've got Laura on a cloudy day
We've got a big white house where we can stay
I hear folks say
Won't he ever go away?
It's my town (my town, my town)
Talking 'bout my town. (D.C.)
Now I'd be the first to admit, I have made mistakes
But now I'm getting the hang of it, for goodness sakes
I think I'll stay
I believe I'll find a way
It's my town (my town, my town)
Talking 'bout my town (D.C.)
I was talking to Cheney the other day and he knew what I meant
So I'm gonna be the vice and he'll be president
The Constitution doesn't say no, but even if it does that's okay.
Yes, I think I'll stay
The work is light, it's decent pay.
In my town (my town, my town)
I'm stayin' put in my town (my town)
TR (SPOKEN): I look at that bunch of comedians running for the Republican nomination and I'm thinking, Hoss, don't let this happen. You really want a president with the first name of Mitt? A guy who just recently discovered he doesn't like abortion? And John McCain? If that's what you call Straight Talk, then I'd rather see Tap Dancing. And Rudy Giuliani? This is the guy who gave me a mafia guy to be head of Homeland Security.
My polls are down, is what they say.
And the war does not look good, but what the hey.
I am okay
Air Force One is on its way.
My plane
Talking bout my plane.
Hey! Thanks. Thanks so much. Four more years.