Magnolia blossoms spicy and sweet
Oleander pink and white
Hackberry, sassafras, chinaberry tree
Georgia town on a summer night
Shotgun houses on a quiet street
Japonica bushes and the tulip trees
Camellias and the honeysuckle vine
Georgia town in the summertime.
Fried chicken and sides at the old cafe
Dressing, cole slaw, and black-eyed peas,
Gravy and dressing and butter beans.
Corn and collards and turnip greens.
Fishing for catfish on the river shore
Mockingbird in the sycamore
Singing love songs to its mate
Georgia town on a summer day.
Mike & Ed's and Chicken Comer's
Smoky Pig -- Country's Barbecue
Fat Freddie's and the place on 13th Street
They got it chipped chopped or sliced for you
The whistle of a Norfolk-Southern train
Sitting on the porch in the candlelight
Smell the arborvitae and the jasmine vine
Georgia town on a summer night