Garrison Keillor: If you find your daily workout boring (RUNNING, TREADMILL) and the treadmill makes you feel like a robot, ask your healthclub to get an OFF TERRAIN TREADMILL from Fritz Electronics. It works just like any other treadmill except it has a fog machine (WHIRRING) to surround you with mist and it has audio stimuli to keep up your interest. (DOG BARKING, CHASING. FOOTSTEPS FASTER) Running through fog with a dog on your tail really gets your heart rate up (PANTING) and then when you hear an enraged water buffalo (SFX) and an approaching landslide (SFX) and arrows flying overhead (SFX) from a primitive tribe of cannibals for whom certain parts are a great delicacy -- it's not just another morning at the gym. Off Terrain Treadmills from Fritz Electronics. Everything you need is on the Fritz.