Garrison Keillor: Our show coming to you from New York and here is the view from the hot-air balloon that is drifting over Manhattan at 800 feet -- (STARLINGS) a flock of starlings is following the balloon which is bothering the balloon pilot (QUIET CURSING AND WAVING OF ARMS, BIRD CACOPHONY) who is trying to keep track of where the Empire State Building is (BURNER BLAST) and there's the burner there, as the balloon rises and (TRAFFIC) there's the West Side highway and now he's drifting over 90th Street (HORSES' HOOVES) and the horses from the Claremont Stables walking over to Central Park (SFX, SKATERS, BIKES, VOICES, HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES) where the roads are closed to motor vehicles so all the rollerbladers are out (DISCO) and lots of runners and walkers and (SEALS) there's the zoo down below and now he's over Fifth Avenue (TRAFFIC, HORNS, HONKING) and the flock of starlings is still swarming around him (CURSING, WAVING, BURNER BLAST) and he's trying to get away from them as the balloon sails over the East Side where it's the Anglo-Saxon Day Parade on Madison Avenue (SFX) and the briefcase drill team is marching along and there are the precision Martini Shakers (SFX) and now I see we're over the Brooklyn Bridge (HUM) and that's the wind in the wires you hear and here is Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (TRAFFIC) and off to your right is Governor's Island and there's the Staten Island ferry (BOAT HORN) and down below us is Coney Island (RIDES) and the starlings are starting to attack the hot-air balloon with their beaks and now he seems to be drifting over JFK (BIG JET TAKING OFF) and a 747 is heading straight for the balloon and (POOFFFFFFFF) a starling has punctured the bag and it's descending (JET PASSES OVERHEAD) and disaster is avoided -- he is coming in for a hard landing on the runway it looks like (FFFFFFFFFFFF) and -- (BIRD CRIES) no, it looks like a flock of giant egrets has risen up from the water and they've grabbed hold of the balloon and they're carrying it to a landing on Far Rockaway and now -- our transmission seems to be breaking up.