Karan Casey: New York...

Garrison Keillor: Here we are.

KC: Times Square.

GK: Forty-Second Street.

KC: What do you want to do?

GK: Anything.

We came to see New York
Because our marriage seemed a little flat
We thought some Broadway shows
Might put a little spice in our lives.
To go and see a musical
The set, the costumes, and the chorus line
And lovers singing duets in the moonlight
Maybe we could try that ourselves.

KC: What musical do you want to see?

GK: Whatever you'd like.

KC: How about the Phantom of the Opera?

GK: About a hunchback?

KC: Well, nobody's perfect.


We come from East Grand Forks.
GK: I'm in insurance, casualty and automobile
KC: I'm teaching second grade
We've been married for five and one half years.
We always thought we'd travel more
And drive through to France and Italy
But with everything getting tighter
We settled for a weekend in New York.

KC: How about High Fidelity? I hear that's good.

GK: What's it about? Electronics?

KC: It's a love story. Between a guy who's a record collector and a woman who's not.

GK: A comedy?

KC: Yes. Sort of like us. A romance between a guy who saves cancelled checks and a woman who doesn't.

GK: Well, you never know when somebody's gonna try to hit you up for something you paid for already.

KC: Canceled checks from 1974?

GK: You never know. Some old dry cleaner could come after you -- The grocer --

KC: You've got stacks of newspapers going back 30 years!

GK: I'm not done reading them.

KC: That's why I love staying at a hotel. The floors are mostly bare and the closets aren't full of old books.

GK: I'll clean the basement soon as I can.

KC: You've said that for almost six years.

Let's not have an argument about it.
Let us just enjoy New York.
And walk the Christmas streets
And look at the windows of shops
CD players, imported rugs,
Ceramic figurines for sale
50 - 60 percent off the list price, how can we pass up such a deal?

GK: Oh my gosh. Look at that.

KC: What? That man in the duck outfit?

GK: No. The price of theater tickets. I can't believe it. Seventy-five dollars?

KC: Hey - you pay that to see a football game. This is something exciting.

GK: Maybe we could stand around the front of the theater and we'd see somebody trying to get rid of some tickets.

KC: At a hit show, you're not going to get a discount.

GK: Well, let's go. Hang the expense.

KC: Good thinking.

GK: You only live once.

KC: So true.

GK: And I'm a man in love.

KC: Now you're talking.

GK: I'm crazy about you.

KC: I thought so.

GK: I could buy one seat, you could sit in my lap.

We came from East Grand Forks
And now we're walking up and down Times Square
The lights, the crowds, the noise.
We're geese in the city of swans.
Thank God, we have each other to hold
Walking down the avenue
One more reason you should go to New York City
To find out that it's nice to be two.