TR (Fred Farrell): Everybody loves leftovers, so come on down to the Pot o'Luck Cafe, a family restaurant where we serve food that's been sitting around for a few days, and it's better that way. You know it and I know it. Pizza. It's wonderful eaten cold. Spaghetti. Macaroni with cheese. Gets a nice chewy crust after a few days. And you can mix and match. Here I've combined turkey with some old chicken noodle soup -- look at that (VISCOUS GLOPPING) -- looks good. Let's toss some wieners in there. (PLOPS) And this salad. (SCRAPING, PLOPS) Put some green in it. Here's some onions, old wrinkled onions, but they'll be good in soup. (PLOP) And here's some old chunks of cheese. Scrape the green stuff off and in they go. (PLOPS) And there you have it. (VISCOUS GLOPPING) I call it Waste Not Winter Stew. So just get over yourself and eat it. And head on down to the Pot o'Luck Cafe. We're next to the Remaindered Bookstore, by Barb's Antique Clothing. See you soon!